Blogging is new to me as of November 2010.  As I blog, I will do my best to respond to comments, suggestions as well as new ideas.

This is a family friendly site so please write your comments, chose your names and links knowing that young readers may be accessing this site. I filter comments and will accept most, but if there is content or links to suggestive sites, I may remove those links before approving the comment.

This is meant to be a place to share cooking tips, ideas, challenges, party planing, first time people looking for help, parents, non-parents, teens, any and everyone.

I am not an expert, I like food and I cook to my taste buds, or those whose taste buds I am familiar. That does span a large range, so chances are there will be something here for everyone.

Cooking in general is all about your own preferences. I may post a recipe… but if there is an ingredient you don’t like – don’t use it or substitute it with a something you do like.

The exception would be for baking. That is more of an exact science. I can bake, but I am not as well versed on baking as I am in savory cooking.

Depending on my work schedule, I will blog at least twice per week. Some weeks more. Some days more than once.

I am interested in ideas or questions. Please feel free to post ideas or questions.

Enjoy and happy blogging!


About culinaryease

I am a single mother who loves cooking and providing tips, techniques, to get everyone out of the takeout lane and into the kitchen.

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  1. James Lang says:

    This is good. I will send some comments in a separate email.


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