Ok – I am a huge Dexter fan. Since I am doing a food blog, why not share my thoughts on the breakfast he is having during the opening credits:

Serving Size – 1 kind and gentle serial killer

Fresh ground Coffee

Fresh coffee beans of your favorite choice
Grid them, and put them into the coffee pot according to coffee pot directions
Let brew

Dexter uses a French Press Coffee maker. You can find them at most stores that sell coffee pots.

Blood orange juice

2 blood oranges

– Cut the oranges in half
– use hand juicer to juice the oranges into a glass
– Remove any seeds – pulp A-OK

Ham Steak (pork)

I am going with Ham Steak even though I think its pork.. but who has a pork chop for breakfast?

1 pre-cooked ham steak
1 tsp butter
A little fresh cracked pepper

– Add butter to hot pan
– When melted, add ham steak. Sear on both sides (about 1.5 – 2 minutes per side)

Sunny Side up Egg with Hot Sauce

1 TBS butter
1 extra-large egg (or two depending on your plans for the evening.. )
salt, pepper and splash of hot sauce to your liking

– Put butter in pan
– Heat pan over med heat until butter is melted and foam subsides
– Crack egg into pan, cover and let cook until all egg whites are cooked, but yolk is still liquid
– remove from pan and enjoy with your hot sauce (salt and pepper to your liking)

I don’t see any bread and that is a shame, as what are you going to use to soak up all that wonderful yolk?

Well – that is my take on Dexter’s breakfast. I am watching this season, but boy ohh boy do I miss John Lithgow (Trinity), and Doaks for that matter.

Enjoy the breakfast and have a “killer day”…. ha ha ha ha

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7 responses »

  1. Dexfan says:

    I think those are too red in the show opening to be oranges

    Who eats hot sauce with eggs in the morning ew


    • culinaryease says:

      They are blood oranges. That is the color they are. You can find them in most super markets. They have a lot of flavor, and of course for Dexter provide the right impact.

      I know a lot of people who eat hot sauce with eggs in the morning, just about every man in IT. They feel it gives them a better kick in the morning than coffee. I have tried it (a very little because I can’t really handle hot sauce) and it was good.

      Thank you for your post.


  2. lizzette says:

    im pretty sure he has over-hard eggs for breakfast, that’s why he pokes the yolk with a knife. pretty sure he uses tabasco on his eggs. they’re great that way.


    • culinaryease says:

      I appreciate your comment. However, I disagree.

      If they were over-hard eggs, the center would not be liquid. It would be more solid.

      But that is just my experience.


  3. Busta says:

    ^^true story, maybe over medium or over easy


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  5. Medalith says:

    its Porkchop


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