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One of the best things I look forward to every weekend is BREAKFAST! During the week, like most, I eat on the run, something quick, a smoothy or protein drink (chocolate of course).

But the weekend – ahhhh the weekend Breakfast is my favorite meal. I love eggs with a runny yolk – it just coats everything on the plate with such yumminess. Cheese – cheese galore in omelets, fritatta, quiche, sandwiches, bagels, you name it, it needs cheese. During the week, I go the more healthy route, egg whites (ok you caught me – sometimes I order something not-so healthy 🙂 ).. on the weekend – NO HOLDS BARRED!

Even with just me as the eater – I still don’t skimp on this wonderful event. My son does not like eggs, unless they are in brownies, cookies and cake. Then not a problem. He especially loves cracking them open. I can engage him in cooking breakfast when he can crack open those eggs.

Here is a link on how to cook eggs perfectly Below are ideas on what else goes on the plate or with that wonderful egg.

In-And-Out-Egg: Eggs cook quickly. The fastest way to get an egg on your plate is to “fry” it. If you have a non-stick pan and some cooking spray/butter, you can have an egg within a couple of minutes (you can also add a little more butter to “stick” pans with the same result, just scrape under the bottom of the egg after about 30 seconds to loosen it – Eggs STICK). Here we go – heat a pan on med heat, throw a piece of toast in the toaster (or however you toast, or just grab some fresh bakery bread), add a small amount of butter, let it melt, add that egg, a small pinch of salt and some fresh pepper on top of the egg. Cover to allow the top to cook if you don’t plan on flipping it. When done, top your bread with your favorite spread and top with the perfectly cooked egg. 5 minutes tops!

Getting a little more fancy: cook your egg(s) according to your preferences (poached, fried, scrambled or whatever). Then place on top of the below open-faced sandwiches; these can be turned into scrambled eggs, quiche, fritatta and omelets, just prepare the ingredients and dice, chop or prepare them to fit the other options.

The below assumes you are using fresh bread slices from a nice crusty round loaf. You can use any toasted bread you prefer.

Ham and Cheese: Toast your bread (or not, your choice). In a non-stick pan (or pan with a splash of oil or touch of butter), heat over med to Med-high heat. take 1 – 2 slices of deli ham and let cook/brown sear on both sides about 1 minute per side. Add one slice of your favorite cheese on top of the ham and let melt. Put the ham & cheese on the bread. In the mean time, make your egg your favorite way, then put on top of the ham & cheese. Voila.

Avocado: What doesn’t taste better with the creamy, fresh, rich flavor of an avocado? So, toast your bread, rub with garlic (yes, its not just for dinner), the take out that wonderful ripe avocado, slice in half, scoop, slice or remove a tablespoon full of the glorious flesh, spread on the bread, sprinkle with scant pinch of salt and pepper and top with your egg.

Pesto Basil (or favorite pesto): Toast that bread, spread with the pesto, cook that egg(s) to top off that eye opening bite. You can add your favorite cheese under the egg. The hot egg will help to melt it.

Cheese: This is as easy as it comes. I actually do not own a toaster. When I make my scrumptious breakfasts, I heat a pan over med-high heat. I use butter, butter spray, cooking spray or brush with olive oil on both sides of the bread. I then toast that bread in the same pan I will use to cook the egg. Once I flip, I top with my favorite cheese of the day while it coats the other side. It makes the cheese soft and slightly melted. Don’t worry about it being melted all of the way, as once you remove it from the pan, cook the egg and then put the egg on top of the “grilled” cheese, the cheese will melt some more. Depending on the cheese you use, salt can be omitted, but fresh ground pepper is a must.

Smoked Salmon: I was raised Catholic, but one of my favorite breakfast meals is bagels, cream cheese, whitefish salad, red onion, tomato and lox (smoked salmon). Top that with an ooey-gooey egg and I am in heaven! No need for more salt, but fresh ground pepper can top this off nicely.

Crab: You can top your egg with a crab hollandaise sauce; or to keep it simple, if you happen to have some crab, mix some fresh herbs with mayo, spread on the toasted bread, top with a little crab (and some thin diced avocado works well too), then top with your egg. Salt and pepper to your tastes.

Sausage: A staple breakfast item. Cut in half lengthwise, and then width-wise. Cook in a pan over med to Med-high heat cut side down, then flip after 3+ minutes. Place on toasted bread, top with cheese (optional), then place egg over and enjoy.

Kitchen Sink: Or should be kitchen fridge. What do you have i the fridge – onions, garlic, veggies, cheese, etc.. Saute the veggies first, top with cheese and place over toasted bread, then top with the egg. Salt and pepper to taste.

This list can go on and on.. your imagination and favorite food items are you inspiration to make this your own. Eggs are very versatile and can tolerate most ingredients you throw at them.

Get out those forks and knives and dig in! My mouth is watering just writing this, and on a Saturday.. good thing I just bought some eggs!

Note: If you are avoiding bread (starch), cucumbers, sliced tomatoes and lettuce can act as a base for your breakfast creations.

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I am a single mother who loves cooking and providing tips, techniques, to get everyone out of the takeout lane and into the kitchen.

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