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Need I say more?  What better way to end the year than to talk about Bacon?

I was watching a show this morning about bacon. Yes, I became hungry for bacon. I typically always have bacon in the freezer. Yes I can still cook it frozen and will when the urge strikes. Today, I did not find bacon. I found turkey bacon (silly kick I had a few months ago). I frowned… but still pulled it out and smiled. Know why? I have bacon fat in the fridge.

I turned that turkey bacon into real bacon. Urge satisfied and the men coming into my house today to work on that gosh darn leak? do they know the difference, I tell you not!

Here is a tip – when you do make real bacon, save that fat (it lasts quite a while in the fridge and freezer). A little goes along way in cooking and I don’t know any meat eater that will turn their heads at the slightest hit of bacon.

When you are done cooking real bacon, let the fat cool slightly so it does not burn anything it touches. You still want it to be liquid. Put a strainer over a tin can or metal bowl (You can save one from making that great tomato sauce I posted yesterday) and strain the liquid fat into the can.  The strainer will catch all of the little pieces you don’t want. Cover with tin foil and put in the fridge.

What can you use it for?  My heart sings with the possibilities.

  • Hello –Eggs! Use a tsp to fry some eggs.
  • Use a TBS to make that turkey bacon taste like the real thing.
  • Frozen bacon is not a problem – take stack of bacon out of the freezer, put in a non-stick pan with a cover on it, let it simmer, and flip every minute until you can pull the pieces apart.  Increase the heat to evaporate whatever liquid may have gathered in the pan, then reduce again to not over cook the lovely bacon. I use the same technique to cook individual hamburger patties my son loves.
  • Do you bake? Hello- What bread or roll would not taste good with bacon?
  • Saute that steak
  • Saute that chicken
  • Fish?  Call me about that one.. It would be great with bluefish
  • Corn – melt a pinch with butter – what a great topping – and add garlic, brush it on.. yumm waiting for August 2011
  • Popcorn – ha that would be great – Like the corn, melt some butter, add a touch of bacon fat.. no salt needed. It would disappear – what popcorn?
  • Use it to saute onions and/or garlic
  • Use it to flavor potatoes while cooking
  • Use it to flavor soups (like potato soup)
  • Use it as an addition to veg oil to fry just about anything
  • Use it when making hamburgers or meatballs

The list can continue on and on.  The one thing I do want to convey – is it is a low-cost resource to add a beloved flavor to food. Oh and for the bacon itself – eat it. ; )

I who all who read this have fun. I get inspired to write about the little experiences I have. Today was bacon. I also am inspired by suggestions by those with whom I come in contact. Please share your thoughts and ideas. I am wide open to suggestions… In fact I am working on an entry for speghetti tacos (more specifically tacos out of the box). I could not believe this was true.. but it is. It is taking me longer that I thought because the ideas are endless and where do I stop? to what depth? Tacos are supposed to be easy, right?  Hey – for that matter – why not a smashed potato, bacon, sour cream, salsa, scallions, cheese in a hard shell taco?  Yum!

Many happy returns and best wishes to all for the new year!


About culinaryease

I am a single mother who loves cooking and providing tips, techniques, to get everyone out of the takeout lane and into the kitchen.

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  1. Julia says:

    Well, need I say more! Just the word Bacon made me open this and read it! YUM!! Great suggestions, Nicole, as always!! Simple too!


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