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Which Salt Should I Use?

I am asked this question and find myself cooking in someone else’s house and don’t have access to Kosher salt. The short answer is – Yes it does. If you read some of my earlier posts, I mention I use Kosher Salt. That is important because the recipes I write are for the “saltiness” of Kosher Salt. If you are using regular table salt, then you should reduce the amount of salt in the recipe by at least 1/2.. then add more according to your taste buds. Other salts may need more than asked for. That is why it is very important to taste your dish as soon as possible and adjust salt and pepper as needed. When in doubt, use less. You can always add more.

Here is a link from FoodNetwork that Explains the three most common salts: Table Salt, Kosher Salt and Sea Salt: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes-and-cooking/kosher-vs-table-vs-sea-salts/index.html

I do prefer the flavor of Kosher salt and the ease of use when cooking. I keep a jar of it next to the stove so I can add a pinch, grain, etc.. at a time when adjusting the flavoring.

There are many other salts out there, some more subtle than others. These are typically used in different gourmet or speciality dishes. The link below will explain the a broader range of salts. With more and more options in the super market, more of these are easy to find. Feel free to experiment and find that salt that you like.

For daily purposes Table, Kosher and/or Sea Salt are just fine as long as the recipe is adjusted according to the type of salt you use.

No need to re-create the wheel. Please refer to the attached link for the Full Rundown on salts, uses, substitutes, etc:


Happy Salting


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