In addition to this blog site, I am planning on offering a series of cooking classes, initially in my town of Stamford Connecticut. In trying to gather potential interest and fine tune the concept, I am requesting your opinion. This information is for my use only and I would appreciate any comments you may have. The general concept is to offer a two-part class (2 hours on Monday Instructional, 2.5 hours on Wednesday Hands-On).

The first part would be instructional with me showing cooking techniques, explaining the different foods we would be cooking (depending on the class focus), importance of food safety, food prep, and reviewing different herbs and spices (allowing each student to smell, taste, etc..). 

The second part of the class would allow students to practice these skills, techniques and experiment with flavors. They could then build their own spice mix to bring home, but also learn about new spices and flavors.

I would expect an audience of beginner cooks or cooks looking to expand their repertoire to encourage  tasty, healthy dinners that can be made in under an hour during a busy week night.  The class would also look at how to re-use left overs to keep it exciting, but also dramatically reduce cooking time during the week.

I would aim that each person share their end product with the class, so the class is exposed to all the different flavors each has created.

I would start with Three Series:

1.) Focus on Chicken / Pork (different cuts, different cooking methods, benefits of brining, quick sauces, seasoning)

2.) Focus on Red Meat (different cuts, how to prep and cook the different cuts, quick sauces, seasoning)

3.) Focus on Side Dishes / Salads  (rice, potatoes, veggies, blanching, seasoning, steaming, combining different ingredients)

Even if you are not interested in classes, can you please take a minute to complete the below survey?

The cost of the classes would cover:

  • Instruction and guidance
  • Ingredients
  • Herbs / Spices
  • Take home bags
  • Access to Class WebSite
  • Handouts
  • Renting space for the class
  • Equipment (cutting boards, knives, gloves, cleaning supplies, bowls, pans, pots, etc..)

Please click on the items you agree with.  You can select as many or few as you wish.

About culinaryease

I am a single mother who loves cooking and providing tips, techniques, to get everyone out of the takeout lane and into the kitchen.

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