I consider myself a pretty great cook and I am always prepared and take precautions. However, Some times the kitchen bites back.

It is very important to keep a first aid kit in the kitchen or near by,  This kit should include gauze, Neosporin +pain relief (Or equalivant), non-powdered latex gloves, band aids, buttery-fly strips.

I cut myself, reach into the oven with bare hands to pull out pans and am splattered by very hot oil on a regular basis. I survive all of this without a mark on me because I have these kits ready at my hand and know what to do. It happens.

Last weekend, I was hit by a very large splatter of 400 degree oil on my left hand.  For whatever reason, my right hand was never hit. I had 2nd degree burns on my left hand and a week later, still have a mummy hand as I keep it slathered in neosporin and wrapped in gauze, as per medical advice.

I was pan frying chicken wings. Do it all the time, They were dry, dredged in flour, no reason for unexpected major splatter, But one of those suckers broke open and juice leaked into the hot oil causing major splatter that I have not experienced before.

My left hand was covered in hot oil.  I did not even feel it at first, but when I did, I grabbed some flour, covered my hand stopped the pain and absorbed the oil.  Finished the chicken, then ran it under cold water to bring the temperature of the hand down.  I have a very high pain tolerance. Don’t try this at home. 🙂

Thankfully I do have a well stocked first aid kit within 5 feet of the kitchen,

I have full functionality of my hand and it is healing well. While this is not a recipe – it is a recipe in kitchen first aid. Trust me. I have experienced it all.


Gauze pads

Neosporin (I like the one with pain relief) or other anti-bacterial ointment

Band-aids – multiple types – especially those that fit around fingers

Latex gloves – so cover the cut hand and continue cooking

First-aid tape – – to hold the gauze in place

Butter-fly band-aids – when the cut is really deep

Advil – Pain and anti-inflammatory

Chocolate – who doesn’t like chocolate?

Clean Towels you don’t care about – you will wash them but the stains don’t come out doesn’t matter

White flour within reach for absorbing oil only. Not a remedy but takes the oil off and allows the cold water to do its job.

Cute dog – there are plenty up for adoption if you don’t have one. Best next to Chocolate for pain relief and they end up cleaning up all spills in the kitchen. 🙂

Be safe and cook away. It all heals,

About culinaryease

I am a single mother who loves cooking and providing tips, techniques, to get everyone out of the takeout lane and into the kitchen.

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