My name is Nicole and I am a single mother raising my son on my own since he was 8 months old. I have faced many challenges throughout my life, but one constant I have is that cooking has brought me joy. My passion for cooking started at my parent’s side as they were learning to expand their culinary skills and experiences. Mine experience and passion grew along with theirs and continued to expand and grow after I went to college and beyond.

My cooking is my hobby, not my career. I have been told I should go into catering, open a restaurant, etc… I have had many experiences planning parties, weddings, anniversaries, and showers for family and friends. I have taken some professional courses as well as courses for fun. I know what it takes to cook in a restaurant and run a successful catering business.  Knowing this is why I chose to express myself through a blog.

I am a successful IT professional and project manager. I have been a single mother working 18 – 30 hours straight at times. I earned my MBA while working 18 – 30 hour days and raising my son on my own.

I just turned 41. It think its time for me to have some fun. Cooking has always been my passion. I want to share it with people, perhaps teach, but I want it to stay fun and a joy. This was started November 2010.

What best can I do to meet my goals? I can write about it. Share my knowledge and ideas and tips and new finds.

I also get asked many questions from people new to cooking, people who want to change-up their routines, people afraid to go into the kitchen, etc.

While I challenge myself and tackle complex recipes, parties, and so on, this blog is to share how to simplify cooking.. how to make a favorite dish vegetarian or vegan.. how to make up a pizza faster than delivery.

This is a site about cooking. Anything about cooking. For novices to very experienced cooks.

Some of my life experiences may creep into my Blog and may be helpful to those who are single parents, or single in general, or want to plan a romantic dinner, their first cocktail party, or finding anything that kids will eat.

I have family and friends with many differing food preferences, allergies or dietary restrictions. I have learned to change my cooking or common dishes to meet the various diet needs of many. At times, I will post recipes, alternatives/substitutions or the like.

I enjoy all aspects, from planning, going shopping, testing recipes, creating recipes, cooking for 1 or cooking for 121.

Over the years my skills have grown, my palate increased and my pantry over flowing with new and staple condiments, herbs and spices.  With this expanse in my cooking experiences, family, friends, co-workers, friends of friends, etc.. all ask me cooking questions, for help and advice.

Cooking can be fun and simple.

There are tips, techniques anyone can apply to have a home cooked meal when it suits them or entertain with a fabulous spread with EASE!

My General Disclaimers: Spelling is not my forte. The recipes and amounts displayed are for my tastes or my best guess. I typically don’t measure (except baked goods). I eyeball it. but I have a good eye, so the amounts are pretty close.

If you think something looks like too much – then hold back. You can always add. Taking away is hard or impossible.

For the record – all salt measurements are using kosher salt. This is important as some salts have higher or lower salt contents. If you are not sure – use less, give it a minute or so to fuse with the ingredients, taste, then add more if needed.

Thank you all for your support.


Or as others so lovenly refer to me: Nic, Nick, Nicky, Nicker, Nixon

4 responses »

  1. lorraine says:

    Love your blog, Nicky! It’s awesome!


  2. Carleen says:

    Nicole, it’s going to be fun to watch this grow. I’ve been having more and more fun with cooking over the last couple of years. I’m looking forward to learning a lot from you!


  3. Jack Dowling says:

    Great site Nicole! I’ll be making it one of my favs!


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