Spice Cabinet 1

Spice Cabinet 1

I have a pantry full of dried herbs and spices, and certain dishes I make often I use the same spices but then my counter is cluttered with spice bottles and little room for much else. So I decided to premix the spices so they are ready at hand for quick dinners, dips, herbed bread, etc..

You can find a variety of spice mixtures in the Supermarket Herb and Spice Isle if you wish.  Or if you have a cupboard full of individual containers, then it is fun to make up your own variety.

Some of the mixtures I created do have some ingredients that are not readily available in most supermarkets (**), however, you can buy them on amazon. They can be used not only for this mixture, but in other mixtures or other dishes.

Nicole's Every Day Spices

Nicole’s Every Day Spices

Below is a list of the spice/herb mixtures I created recently.  You do not have to follow them exactly, however you can use them as a guideline, especially if you are missing an ingredient.

The other plus to this is, YOU control the salt and ingredients. If you have an herb garden in the summer, and have too much to use at once, dry them and use them in the mixtures.

Store dried herbs in an air tight container, zip lock bag with air removed, or in a vacuum sealed plastic bag.

Bulk Spices from Nicole's Cabinet

Bulk Spices from Nicole’s Cabinet

Another great thing about having pre-mixed herbs and spices at hand, is that you can easily change-up your standard dishes or add a dash of flavor to potatoes, rice, cauliflower and steamed vegetables without adding a lot or any fat.

You can either add the mix to rice as it cooks, or just after stir it in.

For potatoes (cauliflower is a good substitute for potatoes by themselves or in other dishes), sprinkle it on or mix with sour cream to add a little zing or change-up to the standard baked potato.

With steamed vegetables, toss them in a pan with a little butter and a little extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkling of the spices.

To add a fresh flavor, add some fresh grated lemon or lime zest/juice.

To make a quick red sauce, stir in with tomato sauce, a little bit of butter and let simmer for a few minutes. Taste and adjust seasoning as needed.

You can make easy salad dressings. A simple basic is to mix with extra virgin olive oil, vinegar (red wine, white wine or sherry all work) and shake well. Taste and adjust salt, pepper and oil to vinegar ratio.

Below is the list of Herb Mixtures I created. They work as is, or you can play with amounts or substitutions or come up with your own blend.

Italian Seasoning Blend
Tex-Mex – Mexican
Fish and Chicken Blend
Seafood Rub
Salsa Blend
Asian Salt Blend
Asian Dressing Spice Blend
Dill Spice Blend
Greek Spice Blend
Indian Style Curry

Take a look in your cupboards and pantries and see what you can come up with. If you like it – make more to have on hand.  It will save time searching for the right ingredient and leaves out the guess-work when you have to get dinner on fast!

A typical home's kitchen shelf of spices as wo...

A typical home’s kitchen shelf of spices as would be seen in the United States or Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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