The Essential Kitchen Tools and Equipment will contain information on items in the kitchen I can’t live without. If you are looking to build your kitchen supplies for the first time or add to an existing kitchen, this is where to go for more information.

Of course, these recommendations are my opinion from my experiences cooking and what has allowed me to put out great food fast.

Some days if cooking for a smaller crowd or family, I prefer to do as much by hand as possible. I keep my knives sharp and enjoy the process of perfecting a dice, thinly sliced onions, unique shapes, and challenge myself to keep it as uniform as possible.

The best part is blasting music and dancing while dicing, mincing, chopping and mixing.  Too bad for my neighbors who can see into my kitchen when I am doing this. I notice they pull their blinds more than not. ; )

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  1. mom says:

    This is terrific – going live is pretty fantastic – you gotta love the attention already!
    Much admiration and love


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