CulinaryEase Logo Design

CulinaryEase Logo Design

Welcome to CulinaryEase. This blog started December 2010 and has turned into more than just a blog. I am starting to offer cooking classes in the Stamford, CT area. If you are interested in learning any of these recipes and/or have skills to learn or fine tune, please send me an email at

As I blog, I will do my best to respond to comments, suggestions as well as new ideas.

This is a family friendly site so please write your comments knowing that young readers may be accessing this site.

It is meant to be a place to share cooking tips, ideas, challenges, party planing, first time people looking for help, parents, non-parents, teens, any and everyone.

I am not an expert, I like food and I cook to my taste buds, or those whose taste buds I am familiar. That does span quite  a range, so chances are there will be something here for everyone.

Cooking in general is all about your own preferences. I may post a recipe… but if there is an ingredient you don’t like – don’t use it.

The exception would be for baking. That is more of an exact science. I can bake, but I am not as well versed on baking as I am the savory cooking.

Depending on my work schedule, i will blog at least twice per week. Some weeks more. Some days more than once.

I am interested in ideas or questions. Please feel free to post ideas or questions.

Click on the “Most Recent Posts” tab above or the Category in the menu to the right to get started.

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Enjoy and happy blogging!


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  1. Alberta says:

    You have a wonderful site with lots of ideas and great advise. I pray that you will continue to keep up the good work as well as helping by showing people of all lifestyles inexpensive ways to cook, purchase, and dine; with or without friends, family, or significant other…. It is always important to be well developed enough in life to understand that everybody’s pocket is not lined with platinum… I am lovin-it!!!

    Blessings & Miracles with your continued success…


    • culinaryease says:

      Thank you very much for your feedback and encouragement. I am very happy to see this site reaches and is useful for many people. I have a back log of recipes so more content will be coming in a regular flow!


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